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RedBird Coaching

StockClearance Company
A company specialising in pine furniture already had a design ready to go. E Design were able to incorporate the design into a Content Management System. They can now update the site and affect changes immediately - allowing them to stay up-to-date and constantly relevant.

Cuddly Wuddly Chocolate Company


Wedding Dresses Essex wanted a website to showcase their wedding dresses. E Design was able to provide a clean simple design and a shopping Cart that the company can update for themselves wedding dresses essex for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses

essex building company



Essex Property Maintenance

are delighted to announce the launch of their new website! Darren wanted a website to enable them to showcase their services online. They can help design and build your new Kitchen and Bathroom, build your house extension, create your Conservatory, or Loft Conversion for you in Essex


padi idc



IDC Guide

PADI IDC Guide giving full information about your IDC and the training required to make you the best scuba instructor, you can take your PADI IDC at any dive center in the world.





Quotations / Estimates
Quotations/Estimates for a project are based upon the software licence, time estimated for E Design Consultancy to complete the work and anticipated meeting/travel expenditure. Any additional work required, over and above that outlined in the agreed proposal will be the subject of an additional charge.
E Design Consultancy reserve the right to raise additional charges at standard hourly rate (minimum 15 minute charge) for work to be carried out that is outside of that outlined in the quotation/estimate.
Any additional goods and services purchased on behalf of the client and are not included in the quotation/estimate and will be charged on a separate invoice, payable within 14 days. Additional charges will not be made or incurred by E Design Consultancy without prior consent from the client.

A deposit of 10% is payable on acceptance of the estimate, quote or proposal, prior to work commencing, becoming non-returnable once work has commenced. An invoice for the entire project will be raised at the commencement of the project.
Portions of the invoice will become due as the project progresses. These stage payments will be agreed with the client at the commencement of the project.

E Design Consultancy reserve the right to charge interest at 5%, per month or part thereof, on any amounts outstanding beyond the due date.

E Design Consultancy will keep confidential all information passed to us by the client (unless such information is in the public domain) and all reports, advice and recommendations produced by E Design Consultancy under this agreement.
E Design Consultancy requires the client to keep confidential any methodologies and technological solutions used specifically to carry out a project.
Unless the client specifically instructs to the contrary, E Design Consultancy assume permission to publicly attribute work to a client, where the material is in the public domain. Where the material is not in the public domain, permission will be sought from the client in advance.

Intellectual Property
All original material developed during the project remains copyright of E Design Consultancy
E Design Consultancy retain the right to withhold permission to use any material provided by E Design Consultancy until final payment has been received. The copyright of any material owned and provided by the client remains with the client or original copyright owner.

Proposals/quotations are valid for 28 days from issue date, unless otherwise indicated.
Any proposal/quotation is conditional upon the client agreeing to the terms and conditions at that date/time.
E Design Consultancy reserve the right to revise terms, conditions and charges at any time and without prior notice.

E Design Consultancy’s services may be terminated on either side by one calendar month’s notice, to be issued in writing via Royal Mail, e-mail or facsimile. Any outstanding invoices and charges in respect of the notice period must be settled within 28 days of the notice being served.
In the event of either party being in material or fundamental breach of any of the terms of this contract, the other may forthwith terminate the contract if the breach is incapable of remedy; or if it is capable of remedy, the aggrieved party shall serve on the other 30 days’ notice, to be issued in writing via Royal Mail, e-mail or facsimile, requiring such breach to be remedied and, if such breach is not remedied within the 30 day period, the contract shall automatically terminate.
E Design Consultancy do not allow the use of material deemed by us to be at risk of computer virus contamination, of inappropriate quality, illegal or pornographic or any links to sites that carry pornographic or otherwise unsuitable material, and reserve the right to withdraw service in the event of complaint.

Third Party Suppliers
Where a third party company is used to supply services, the client is also bound by that company’s terms and conditions, which will be indicated to the client.
E Design Consultancy is commited to submitting all Internet sites developed in house to various search engines; however, ranking or placement with search engines cannot be guaranteed. We will not pay for this service unless directed to and paid for by the client
E Design Consultancy try to use reliable servers with fast Internet links, but cannot guarantee that Internet sites will be 100% available and always fast loading, since the Internet is not under the control of any one company and supports a variety of connections and equipment.

Internet/Intranet Sites
The client must agree to indemnify E Design Consultancy, the relevant domain name registry and the directors, officers, employees and agents of each, against any loss, damages or costs, including legal fees, resulting from any proceedings related to the client’s domain name(s) and/or any material used on the client’s Internet site.
The client is solely and entirely responsible for the legality of their registered domain name(s) and all material included on their Internet site. If E Design Consultancy edit any material provided by the client, it is done in good faith and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the material remains legal.


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