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e-mail Newsletters

A newsletter can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

With the old addage that it is "easier to sell to your existing customers than to create new ones" it is imperative to ensure that they don't miss out on your latest products or services. It may be that your customers are interested in developments within your industry or comments from industry experts.

We have all seen the e-mails from large retailers reminding us that they are there and that their next promotion is lined up and ready to go or the Summer Holidays are around the next corner. They invite us to click on the images/links to go back to their website and find out more ....


This facility is not exclusive to the larger companies and chainstores.

  • When your customers purchase from you, ask if they wish to receive your online fortnightly / monthly / bimonthly newsletter.
  • Alternatively, customers can request a newsletter online from your website.
  • We take the content you supply and format it to compliment your existing web site/online presence.
  • Upon approval it is e-mailed out to all those customers who have requested it.
  • We send you a reminder when it is time for your next issue!

E-mail Newsletters are a simple and low cost solution, keeping your clients informed and up-to-date with your news and product information.


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