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Rosie Consulting and Design

Rosie Beswick Rosie Consulting& Design

Rosie Consulting& Design (R C& D) a Shropshire based consultancy founded in 2002 by Rosie Beswick MIBC. The consultancy has two arms, small business advisory and international corporate market research. The small business advisory is about empowering business owners to maximise their businesses potential, to improve or put in place strong foundations, even if long after starting, allowing the business to grow safely. We also ensure clients ownership of the information, systems, and practices put in place and teach them how to implement& reuse those systems long after we are gone. For more details visit the website www.rosieconsulting.com


Georgina Arthur – Junk Busters – Shropshire
07907 499004

Junk Busters was established with the purpose of helping clients to de clutter their living space, and to help the environment encouraging people to cash in on their clutter rather than chucking it in the land fill. Junk Busters operates through-out Shropshire and its surrounding areas. With many selling options and experienced personnel, the company is able to offer a professional selling service to individuals. The service is intended to be rewarding and fun, helping clients to reduce the clutter gathered up around the home. The shop also supplies a wide range of quality second hand goods that are reasonably priced with something for everyone in store. The products include Car Manuals, Baby Equipment and much more. Stocking something for the whole family, and it is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day at the touch of a button. For more details ring Georgina on 07907499004


Catherine Warrilow – Warrilow PR – Oxfordshire


Warrilow PR can help to untangle your PR needs. We can do so much to raise the profile of your business, manage your reputation, complement your marketing strategy, generate word of mouth and ultimately increase your turnover. From copywriting and press releases, to brand management or a huge national campaign, Warrilow PR is a full service company who will jump up and down, and do whatever it takes to get you noticed, drive customers to you, and make sure you are remembered - for all the right reasons. Visit www.warrilowpr.co.uk or email catherine@warrilowpr.co.uk for more information.


Caroline Howd – Mumsclick – Middlesex

Mumsclick is the fastest networking site for mothers who value their own interests. Source/share information, events, topical discussions and products. We are a vibrant, fun site for like-minded women, share experiences of motherhood, working, setting up their own business, dealing with toddlers/teenagers/young adults and life in general. Mumsclick offers three on-line clubs (book, cook and music clubs) and a 'cafe' plus a Mumscast story each day and a superb 'we like' section, you will find vast wealth of information on many different subject areas. We are a big supporter of mothers in business and provide a good forum for exposure. For more details visit the website www.mumsclick.com


Shirley Warrington - Zest for Life Confidence Workshops - Warwickshire


As one of the few Dawn Breslin accredited Confidence Practitioners in the country I am privileged to run Zest for Life Workshops in Stratford-upon-Avon. Workshops run 9am - 5.30pm on Sunday’s include a 2 course lunch, refreshments and workbook all for £99. If you sometimes wish you knew exactly where you were going in your business or personal life, or wish you had more confidence so you didn't miss out on life's opportunities, or would just love a whole day just for YOU, to think about what YOU want out of life, what YOU need out of life and where the most important person is YOU then this day is not be missed. Next Workshop 1st June. One to one coaching also available. For more details visit the website www.life4living-coaching.co.uk


Chrisalis Services

Lisa Hogg - Chrisalis Services – North Yorkshire

Are you in need of extra business support? Do you need secretarial or administrative help but don't want to employ a full time member of staff? Would it make sense to outsource your research projects? Do you want assistance with a design project? If you have answered Yes to any of the above, call Chrisalis Services and let us take your problems away. We provide a fast and high quality virtual business support service to both businesses and individuals on one-off projects or on a long term basis. Call today on 01347 878592, e-mail chrisalisservices@btinternet.com or visit our website www.chrisalisservices.co.uk for further information.


Gina Krupski - Krupski & Krupski, Chartered Accountants – Staffordshire

I am a Chartered Accountant based near Stafford and provide accounting, book keeping and taxation help for sole traders. I specialise in helping women just starting out in business & offer a cost effective service enabling the client to have piece of mind. It is vitally important that record keeping is up to scratch both for the taxman but also for yourself as timely financial information is a must to profitably manage any business! For a chat about how I could help you please call me on 01785 780956 or email gmk@krupski.co.uk


Nikki Bowling – Nikki Bowling Photography and Design – Yorkshire


Nikki covers all aspects of photographic work, from press and PR, to interiors, to products and advertising, to landscapes and commissioned work. Whilst Nikki enjoys all aspects of her work, her specialty, and indeed great love, lies in wedding and portrait photography. When photographing at a wedding, whilst Nikki is happy to provide as many group shots as the couple want, she also strives to capture those special candid moments. Nikki provides beautiful colour and black and white images, which can be professionally framed or put on to canvass if required. Her style is very relaxed, and while she is professional and organised, she is able to get the job done without taking over. A wide range of albums is offered, from the more traditional to the contemporary. For more details email Nikki at nikki@nikkibowling.com


Maid for Mum

Suzanne Nicholls – Maid 4 Mum – West Sussex

Maid 4 Mum specialises in quality and original party bag gifts, kids craft ideas and pocket money toys. Fun toys and 'knick knacks' that my daughter loves and I'm sure your children will too! Visit my e-bay shop via my WIRE link or use the above one to find a great selection. I'd be delighted to send you my e-catalogue that's full of great birthday and dare I say it - Christmas stocking ideas ready for your store cupboard! Also in stock are invitations, thank you cards and great yet economical Disney blank cards. Thanks for looking. For more details visit the website www.tinyurl.com/2m3mhl


Louise Barnett – Lifestyle Assistants - Worcestershire

When was the last time you felt in control? We all know running a business, home and finding time for a social life can be a bit of a challenge! Something always slips by the wayside and usually it’s ourselves! But that’s where we can help you. Lifestyle Assistants offer a Virtual Assistant service with a difference – we’ll not just help you with your business needs, we can sort out your life too! Our Lifestyle Assistants support small business owners with anything from marketing and administration to booking tables at Restaurants and sorting out your kid’s opticians appointments! Take a look at our website at www.lifestyleassistants.co.uk.


Janet Stubbs – Virgin Vie – Staffordshire


I am a consultant and manager for Virgin Vie at Home. Yes its a Richard Branson back company focusing on cosmetics, jewellery and now homeware. Most of the sales are through home parties. It's a great excuse to have the girls round, chill out and get a little pampering. We have a full 30 day money back guarentee. The introduction of a stylish quality homeware range, made up of soft furnishing and kitchenware has added another dimension to the business. It’s surprising just how many men are interested in this. If you cannot manage a party there’s a great web site to view and order from as well. Visit the website www.myvirgincosmetics.co.uk/janetstubbs for more details.


Sarah Jones – Serenity Hair and Beauty – Shropshire

I opened a Health and beauty salon within Bridgnorth in November which is doing really well! I am within Lasyard House in low-town which offers free secure parking, I offer very exclusive professional product ranges. I specialise in Dermalogica treatments which include something called face mapping which again is exclusive to Dermalogica, this ensure all treatments are skin specific and really are a "prescription" treatment EVERY TIME! Most of all it gives a reason why there may be a problem with your skin and then a product that will help get the results you want. GUARANTEED!! I have over 15 years experience in the industry and make every visit like on other for every client! For more details email Sarah at serenityhealthandbeauty@hotmail.co.uk



Kirsty Harvey

Kirsty Harvey - Kirsty Harvey Life Coaching – North Yorkshire


Kirsty Harvey Life Coaching offers one to one coaching for both personal and business clients. Success in coaching comes from building a strong, dynamic relationship between coach and client so that clients become more motivated and focused on success in every part of their lives, leading to improved business performance and a more fulfilling personal life. By clarifying goals, drawing up a plan of action and overcoming any obstacles, some real, tangible benefits can be achieved from coaching that may never have seemed possible. Many of my clients are successful business people already, who have perhaps lost focus in the day to day running of their lives and businesses. Coaching can re-establish that focus and help to restore drive and passion when life has become routine. It can also help you rebalance your life if you have lost sight of life outside work. For more details visit the website www.kirstyharvey.com


Aly Davidson – 100 Wishes - Staffordshire


www.100wishes.co.uk asks have you faced life's challenges or has your life been nothing but magnificent? Are you looking for change or at a moment in time where you need to matter more? Do you see that, in the end, you won't regret a thing you've done in life, only the things you haven't? The book of 100 wishes™ offers a quick and common-sense approach to changing your outlook on life – guaranteed. This 'beginner's guide to having no regrets' will enhance your self-esteem, making you feel more positive, emotionally stronger and more able to accomplish your most deeply desired wishes. For more details visit the website www.100wishes.co.uk


Louise Jackson – Independent Careers Advice Ltd – Leicestershire

A new careers service based in the East Midlands has been launched. This service offers high quality, affordable careers advice and guidance for young people and adults including Career Guidance, Course Search, Mock interviews, CV Writing service, UCAS and Oxbridge advice and lots more. You will be dealt with by the fully qualified and experienced staff. For more details telephone 01509 881929 or visit the website www.independentcareersadvice.co.uk


Ruth Day – Raspberrygreen – Wiltshire

Raspberrygreen is Marlborough’s only shop specialising in exquisite, hand-painted, vintage furniture and gorgeous accessories. Each piece of furniture is individually sourced, restyled and rejuvenated using colours and finishes which capture the warmth and character of the original. Sometimes hand-painted, sometimes waxed and polished to restore it to former glory, each one is unique, a one-off, refreshed, reinvented and given a new life. Our green footprint is tiny – no global transportation, no mass production, no sweatshops, no factories. The paint we use is chosen for its green credentials, our packaging too. For more information please contact Ruth Day on 07815 062 018


Claire Jeffery – The Country Monkey – Gloucestershire

The Country Monkey is a small and passionate business, based on Claire Jeffery’s family farm in the heart of the Cotswolds. The company produces a range of granolas and mueslis with the ethos that using high quality, seasonal and local ingredients is of greatest importance. The granolas are hand-baked in small batches using apples from the farm’s historic orchard as well as local honey and rapeseed oil, all mixed together with delicious oats and seeds. Claire believes that these are the only hand-baked cereals produced in the Cotswolds. The products contain no preservatives, additives, flavourings or other nasties. For more details contact Claire via email on thecountrymonkey@yahoo.co.uk


Kew Creative

Katy Wilson – KEW Creative – North Yorkshire


Richmond based KEW Creative specialises in professional, bespoke web design, content managed sites, email marketing and website hosting. Our professional web design service creates web standards (W3C) compliant and accessible websites. Websites are search engine friendly, easy to navigate, eye-catching and will look the same in all browsers. We provide a friendly, reliable and affordable service to sole traders, small and medium sized businesses. We provide effective solutions to their online development goals. If you’re thinking of launching an email campaign to promote new products/services or just need an newsletter to keep your customers informed, we can design it for you! We use an amazing email marketing tool that’s far more cost effective than traditional newsletters and gives measurable results. It has a free trial too! Please visit our website for a detailed portfolio and client testimonials of our work or contact Katy at hello@kewcreative.co.uk


Jane Johnson – Naglets UK Ltd – West Sussex

Naglets UK Ltd started out in January 2005 in Jane Johnson's kitchen in West Sussex. Naglets are a totally healthy, natural horse treat which are made using base ingredients, fresh fruit, and vegetables and combined with healthy herbs. Naglets are handcrafted in 24 varieties and are given wacky product names such as Italian Stallion and Fruity Mare! Through sheer determination and hard work Jane's business, 3 years on, has expanded to new premises, taken on 2 staff and sell through outlets all over the UK, New Zealand and Ireland. Naglets promote themselves at www.naglets.com and around the country at Agricultural and equine events. For more details visit the website.


Sarah Dyer – Coconut Creatives - Somerset

Coconut Creatives was founded by Marketing Specialist Sarah Dyer in 2005 to respond to the needs of owner managed and SME businesses. Coconut Creatives now has two directors and a PR specialist. The service combines the benefits of employing an in-house Marketing Manager with those of a Marketing Consultant, offering strategic direction through to implementation ensuring efficient delivery of key activities. Sarah and her co-director Chris Cook also sit on the South West Regional Board for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to help shape the future of marketing. They also support a charity called Secret World, famously seen on the BBC’s Spring Watch from April to May each year. All of the businesses that they work with operate ethically in some form. This is apparent through the range of companies such as Greener Living Magazine, FitKid, Tidy Thames Refuse Services and Shared Earth. Sarah and Chris have just returned from a two week Fair Trade press trip to India with their client, Shared Earth. They visited a slum, orphanage, villages, cities and schools gaining interviews and images for the UK media. For more information or for a summary visit www.sharedearthnewsandmedia.co.uk or www.coconutcreatives.co.uk


Kim McMuldrow - Moon Wind Shamanic Ways - Shropshire

I am a shamanic practitioner based in Shrewsbury. In these days of great challenge and change, we may 'lose' ourselves, sometimes to such an extent that we feel empty, unfulfilled or incomplete. Using time tested techniques I support and guide those struggling on their life journeys, bringing them back to a place of balance and empowerment. I also work with animals, offering a different concept in how we heal and sustain relationships with our animal companions. Shamanism is an ancient, profound and powerful practice, yet its relevance is as strong today as it has been since the dawn of time. For more details visit www.shamanicways.co.uk


Gilly Brown – Garden Divas - Hertfordshire


I run my own business Garden Divas, an online mail order website www.gardendivas.co.uk, supplying stylish, high quality gifts and products for the female gardener. Early 2008 we took it upon ourselves to launch a campaign locally to help the environment and what better place to start than our home town of Hitchin. Our idea was to try and get members of the community to ditch those plastic bags and shop with the fabulous range of shop boxes and bags that we have in stock. We have worked alongside Hitchin Initiative, www.htci.org.uk to promote these in the town, on the website and around the community. It was decided that £2.00 from the sale of each large shop box/ chic shopper would be donated to Hitchin Town Centre Initiative and £1.00 from the sale of the small shop boxes. We made the boxes and bags available from both the website, www.gardendivas.co.uk and in the Hitchin Initiative shop in the town centre. For more details contact Gilly Brown via the website www.gardendivas.co.uk


Wendy Short – Shorts Associates – North Yorkshire

Shorts Associates provides a complete range of marketing materials, from business stationery, to logo and website design, right through to press release and copywriting. We are based near Richmond in North Yorkshire, but have clients country-wide. Please visit our website at www.shortsassociates.co.uk or telephone us for a free quotation or consultation on 01748 831911

Seek it out

Rosie Beswick - Seek It Out – Shropshire

SEEK IT OUT .co.uk – the online directory showcasing small and rural businesses across the UK, more akin to Country Living than Yellow Pages! Providing fair, affordable, and easy internet marketing within a professional website community. Marketing requires every business to use multiple methods and mediums continuously to get their name know long term. Seek It Out can offer you an affordable, flexible, and simple way to increase your businesses exposure to market without breaking your advertising budget. No technical expertise require and simple setup. We offer affordability without a compromised service or hidden extra’s. Visit www.seekitout.co.uk for more details


Annette Robinson – Luvit Jewellery – North Yorkshire


A really ‘rural business’, Luvit Jewellery would like announce new additions to their fresh, fashion jewellery range. Our website showcases a collection of fashion jewellery specially selected to complement every ‘look’. From classic and contemporary to trendy and funky, discover all the styles at affordable prices. We update our site regularly to bring you the latest trends and products that are currently in stock, are on display, to avoid any disappointment. Be allured by our gorgeous chokers and necklaces, beautiful beads, bracelets and earrings. Intense colours that ooze feminine charm. Treat yourself to a little something extra from


Debbie Brewer-West - Smoking Cessation Service – Cheshire

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking method offers the most successful documented method of stopping smoking on the planet. The Easyway method is unique: instead of concentrating on the reasons why smokers shouldn't smoke, it focuses on the reasons why they do smoke despite the obvious disadvantages! We don’t use lasers, patches, gum or other nicotine containing products. There are no shock tactics, no gimmicks, tricks or false props. We don’t even talk about the health scares. Most clients attend just one 5 hour small group session and become happy non-smokers immediately and permanently. However we do offer free booster sessions for three months after attending for the minority who need them. Easyway has a proven success rate in excess of 90%, based on claims made under our unique 3 month money back guarantee. For more details contact Debbie Brewer-West on 01270 501 487 or email debbie@easyway2stopsmoking.co.uk

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