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Creating Business Opportunities

Each issue of this newsletter is stored on the admin site (http://admin.wireuk.org) then select 'Global Resources'.

In this months issue:


WiRE Welcome

Sharon Mackle – Calderdale WiRE Network which launched earlier this month
Naomi Hobart & Sophie Garrett who have taken over our Norwich WiRE network from Julia Packham
Kate Pratt who has taken over our Chiltern & Dacorum WiRE network from Joss Broady
Mary Harman who has taken over our Warwickshire WiRE network from Dupe Adeoye

It’s great to see networks changing over to their next generation of Network Leaders. Developing sustainable networks means that they continue because they have the support of members and is really important to us and you. If you would like to discuss ‘succession planning’ for your network, give Julie a call on 01952 815399.

Inside Wire

Our next area of development is training for rural business women. Our ethics are to use rural business women wherever possible and to use WiRE members. We are currently compiling a library of information on potential training deliverers so that when opportunities arise we know who to call! If you are or know an experienced trainer in a business field or have an area of expertise that you feel you could offer a workshop on, please send details by post to Sarah Roberts at WiRE, HAUC, Edgmond, Newport, Shropshire TF10 8NB or email sarah@wireuk.org. Information should include a brief biography detailing experience and qualifications, a brief description of the nature of the course you could provide, aims and objectives, course agenda and resources supplied & required. Please note our funds are limited.

Our new WiRE website has been through its first stage of testing. The company that is building it for us has come up with all the pages required and is now busy fitting the database and membership areas. We will launch bright and breezy in the New Year.

New Website Layout
Wire Portfolio

Our new WiRE Presentation/ portfolios are now available. The idea came from Network Leaders at our Clevedon event in Spring. We are really pleased with our beautiful presentation which illustrates the benefits of WiRE membership.   If you loved the new membership leaflet you will love this!  It is available as a pdf on a CD for presentations and laptop slideshows or in hard copy format as an A4 portfolio which you can put on your information tables at meetings. Guests can then flick through at their leisure.

If you would be interested in having a portfolio and/or a CD for your network contact Julie@wireuk.org

Wire New Network Guide

If you are among the 20 who have requested them all ready they will be winging there way to you very shortly.  If you would like a copy of the revised pack and have not let us know yet just get in touch with Julie@wireuk.org.

The new Network Leaders Guide is full of new ideas and best practice gleaned from working with the many WiRE networks that have developed all over the UK in the last couple of years.   The Guide also includes a list of WiRE resources which networks can request to support meetings and marketing events.

WiRE have a Plan!

We have created a 12 month plan of when; e-newsletters, Business benefits and WiRED magazines will be received by members and networks. A copy of the ‘WiRE Communication Plan’ is available on Global Resources. You may find it useful for planning some of your meetings if you would like them to compliment what HQ is promoting that month.

Network Leaders have requested more business help resources from us so we have increased our Business Benefit mailings to once a month. Network Leaders now receive hard copies of the Business Benefit at least a week before members receive them by email. These should be made available to members at meetings. Most of the themes for these have been decided and can be seen in the ‘WiRE Communication Plan’. If you would like to increase the number of copies your network receives or request that you don’t receive them just contact Julie@wireuk.org

WiRED Magazine

We want the Network page of our WiRE magazine to be a celebration of networking. It’s great to hear about the’ big stuff’ fundraising and special events. But we mustn’t under estimate the value of the ‘little stuff’ which has a huge impact of businesses and individuals. Good networks are made up of lots and lots of little happenings and personal successes. We would like you to share these success in all it’s forms through the WiRED magazine- WiRE members working together, skill swaps, new business and leads. Get members to tell us why they value their WiRE network. Let’s use this as an opportunity to give ourselves a pat on the back!

The theme of the next issue of WiRED is business growth so do encourage members to submit articles around this theme to sarah@wireuk.org Subects for articles could be ‘what growth means to you’ taking on employees, moving to new premises, expanding your skill set.

We also always need really good quality photos. We are not able to pay for photographs but will always accredit any images we use.

The copy deadline for our Spring 2009 issue is 30th January. Email articles to editor@wireuk.org

WirRE Nettwork Leader Days

Wednesday 10th December 2008, 9.30am-3pm
Waterend Farm, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 5DR

Time Management & Delegation
During the workshop we will explore the key features, benefits and techniques for successful delegation. Develop an understanding of the principles and benefits of effective time management.

Wednesday 28th January 2009, 9.30am-3pm
Waterend Farm, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 5DR

WiRE Network Audit
As you know Networking is vital to your business, the workshop looks at the thinking behind it, such as where you need to be and how networking relates to your target market. We'll help you focus on what you hope to get from networking and the different types of networks there are to explore. We will also show you how you can share this the WiRE Network Audit with your network group.

To book your place contact julie@wireuk.org or call direct on 01952 815399

WiRE Technology

Network Leaders can attend these events for FREE please book via Julie@wireuk.org

Get to the Top (sponsored by Business Link)
Wednesday 28th January 2009
Rydale Folk Museum, Pickering
9.30 – 3.30
Including: Anna Farmery on the What, Why & How of Search engine Optimisation, Annette Della-Porta of Luvit Jewellery

Staying in Touch (sponsored by Business Link)
Tuesday 24th February 2009
Swinden House Conference Centre, Doncaster
Including: Anna Farmery‘s Guide to online Communications, more TBA

New on Global Resources

As requested we have now added a WiRE receipt template in Word format to ‘Global Resources’( on the WiRE admin site admin.wireuk.org) for Network Leaders who need  to issue receipts at your network meetings.  If you can think of any other resources or templates that would be useful just let us know.

Network Leader Recommends

Our South Norfolk Network Leader Anne Hardesty recommends Tom Barrett’s book and website. Anne says, “The book is an excellent read and most inspiring. When you have a bad day read one of his quotes and you are away.”

The book title is ‘Dare to Dream and Work to Win’ and his website is www.daretodream.net

Quote by Tom Barrett-
"Success in networking is not about talent. It is about tenacity and steady plodding"

Thanks Anne!  If you have any words of wisdom to share with other Network Leaders just let us know and we will gladly pass them on. Or save them for the Network Leaders forum on the new website…


If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these issues further please do not hesitate to contact Julie Edwards on direct line 01952 815399 email: Julie@wireuk.org or call the main number on 01952815338. We love feedback!

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