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In this months issue:


WiRE Welcome

Welcome to our new network leaders!
As the season changes there are lots of changes in WiRE Local Networks!

Jenny Ramsdale- East Lindsay WiRE Network
Lesley Dilks – Cheltenham WiRE Network
Rosalind Turner- Joins Katy Wilson to run the Innovative Women network in North Yorkshire
Gail Dixon will launch the Nottingham WiRE Network on 17th September
Anne Hardesty- begins the South Norfolk WiRE Network this month
Jackie Michaels & Jane Shaw – Have taken over the Powys WiRE network from Julie Mckeown
Shirley Goddard & Caroline Price – Have taken over the Worcestershire WiRE Network from Alison Robinson

A huge thank you to all our Network Leaders that have stepped down – you can now fully enjoy the network you have helped create!

Inside Wire

We have had a bit of a reshuffle here at WiRE and Sarah Roberts has joined us from our Opening Doors team. Some of you may already have received emails from Sarah as she has ‘hit the ground running’ in her new role! Sarah is working on National Event Management and taking over the editorial of the WiRED magazine. Sarah and I started with WiRE on the same day in Autumn 2004 so it’s nice to be sitting next to each other again- like the old days.

Sarah has a remit of developing national training events for WiRE and will be contacting Network Leaders for your thoughts and ideas on this in the future. If you can’t wait to give us your ideas email sarah@wireuk.org

We also have a new placement student; Robyn has gone back to her studies and Claire Wassell has joined us for the next 12 months. One of Claire’s roles will be to check that all the WiRE network web pages are up to date, we are also going to be ‘hot’ on attendance lists being returned promptly. If anyone needs to be reminded of the website login or the freepost address please get in touch.

We also have a new Director of WiRE Polly Gibb. Polly has been with WiRE for many years and is passionate about supporting women in business. We had a fantastic team meeting this week which Polly opened with a rousing speech. Having shared our motivations and where we want to develop WiRE next - we are raring to go! More details will follow in subsequent e-newsletters…

Our new WiRE website should be going live in October. As happens with these things the deadline has slipped but it is a VERY big project so only to be expected. We will keep you posted on it’s progress.

Wire FaceBook

We have 131 members on our facebook page which our placement student (Claire) looks after and posts WiRE news and event details.  Claire tells me you can add interesting news to the ‘wall’ about your business and include links to your website. You could even include feedback on great network meetings and speakers for example and add links to members websites – just a suggestion, if you want to have a go at facebook and need some help just get in touch with Claire on 01952 815338.

Wire Portfolio

We held a short lunchtime get together of Network Leaders, for those who attended our Clevedon Extravaganza in June. One of the ideas that came out of the meeting was for networks to be able to have a presentation portfolio or posters that prospective members could flick through at meetings which illustrated what the benefits of WiRE membership are, such a brilliant idea and is now work in progress! If you would be interested in having one of these portfolios for your network, let us know and we will start taking orders for when they are ready!

Wire New Network Guide

You may have noticed that we went quiet over the summer, this was because we were reviewing and rewriting our Network Leaders Guide full of new ideas and best practice gleaned from working with the many WiRE networks that have developed all over the UK in the last couple of years.   The Guide also includes a list of WiRE resources which networks can request to support meetings and marketing events.  Some of you have already put your name down for a copy as soon as it is off the press, if you haven’t told us you would like a copy when it’s ready-just drop us a line.

WiRE Free Venues!

Evans Easyspace are offering free meeting venues to WiRE Local Networks. Most venues can accommodate 30 people and some have a training room available. Locations include: Chester, Harrogate, Hereford, Lincoln, Ludlow, Newark, Northampton, Nuneaton, Peterborough, Shrewsbury, Wakefield and York. If you would be interested in using any of these venues please contact Julie at WiRE in the first instance.

WiRE Lantra Courses

Altogether 7 WiRE networks responded to the opportunity from Smith’s Gore to host some Lantra funded courses. We would be grateful to hear feedback on how these courses are received and the practicalities, not least because this will also help us with the development of our own courses in the future.  If you would like some information on the Lantra courses just get in touch.

WiRE Business Card

Most of you will have received some of our Network Leader Business cards earlier in the year. We thought you might be interested to know that we send a business card in every new member’s pack, giving them the contact email of their nearest network. As always, we also signpost all enquirers that phone and email WiRE to their nearest network meeting. This is why the WiRE Network website pages are so vital to us and new members - an interesting and accurate webpage obviously encourages new people to come along whilst they are keen and excited about discovering WiRE.

WiRE Magazine

Simple, send us an article!

We have a fantastic page of articles in our next issue of WiRED thanks to Sarah Gathercole (Huddersfield), Anne Draper (Cheshire), Roz Gordon (Woodbridge, Suffolk) for their contributions.  The WiRED Network page is an opportunity to show members who have not attended there local WiRE network what goes on, illustrate how vibrant and innovative WiRE networks are and what the benefits are.

The copy deadline for our Winter issue is 14 November 2008 email articles editor@wireuk.org

WirRE Nettwork Leader Days

Workshop Info:

WiRE Network Audit
As you know Networking is vital to your business, the workshop looks at the thinking behind it, such as where you need to be and how networking relates to your target market. We'll help you focus on what you hope to get from networking and the different types of networks there are to explore. We will also show you how you can share this the WiRE Network Audit with your network group.

Time Management & Delegation
During the workshop we will explore the key features, benefits and techniques for successful delegation.  Develop an understanding of the principles and benefits of effective time management.


Wednesday 17th September, 9.30am-3pm ( Network Leaders attending from Lincolnshire, West Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire networks, still a few place left if you can make it!)
WiRE Network Audit
Rudstone Walk, South Cave, Brough, East Yorkshire HU15 2AH

Thursday 16th October, 9.30am - 3.30pm
WiRE Network Audit
Kiddicott Farm, Gil Mill Lane, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, Ex5 1AQ

Tuesday 4th November, 9.30am-3pm
Time Management & Delegation
Innovation Centre, Croxton Road, Thetford, IP24 1JD

Wednesday 10th December, 9.30am-3pm
Time Management & Delegation
Waterend Farm, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 5DR

To book your place contact julie@wireuk.org or call direct on 01952 815399.

WiRE Technology

Network Leaders can attend these events for FREE please book via Julie@wireuk.org

Technology… building bigger rural businesses (sponsored by BT)
Thursday 9th October 2008
Adastral Park, Martlesham, Suffolk
For more info:  http://www.wireuk.org/conference.aspx?conf=confharper

Blogs Pods & Twitters (sponsored by Business Link)
Thursday 13th November 2008
The Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes
9.30 – 3.30
Including: Anna Farmery on Blogs Pods & Twitters, Discussion groups ‘around the table with an expert’, Carol Atkinson – The Straw Bale Barn

Get to the Top (sponsored by Business Link)
Wednesday 28th January 2009
Rydale Folk Museum, Pickering
9.30 – 3.30
Including: Anna Farmery on the What, Why & How of Search engine Optimisation, Annette Robinson of Luvit Jewellery

Staying in Touch (sponsored by Business Link)
Tuesday 24th February 2009
Swinden House Conference Centre, Doncaster
Including: Anna Farmery‘s Guide to online Communications, more TBA

WiRE Feedback

Thought we would share this really great feedback  - doesn’t this make it all worthwhile!

Just wanted to share with you that I have had some fantastic results since joining WiRE. 

At the very first meeting I attended, I met another WiRE member, who's since become one of my best clients.  She has referred me onto to one of her clients with the potential of new work opening up from this.

I also had another referral out of one of the meetings and gained work to help a business who has moved from London into Wiltshire.

I met a Feng Chui consultant at one of the recent meetings and referred her to one of my own clients and she secured some consulting work out of this.

I'm going to follow up the website designer who was featured in your last e-news.  I've been put off by the horrendous fees some charge but her fees are unbelievably competitive, which all goes towards helping with the bottom line.

Out of all the network and breakfast clubs 'out there', I am soooo pleased I came across WiRE.

Suzanne West
The Business VA

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these issues further please do not hesitate to contact Julie Edwards on direct line 01952 815399 email: Julie@wireuk.org or call the main number on 01952815338. We love feedback!

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