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In this months issue:


  WiRE Welcome

Lynn Huggins-Cooper is holding our first network meeting in the North East. This is a first for the region as well as the county.  We know there are lots of rural business women in the area who would benefit hugely from the support that WiRE and a local network can offer. Hope it goes well! http://www.wireuk.org/networks/network.aspx?id=130

Julia Horton-Powdrill & Rachel Eyles have started a Pembrokeshire WiRE network (again uncharted territory for WiRE!)

Jen Tiller has taken over from Julie Foster as our Hitchen Network Leader http://www.wireuk.org/networks/network.aspx?id=74

Hannah Bingley who runs our Lincoln WiRE network is also starting a new WiRE network in Grantham this month

Petra McMahon has joined Victoria Reynolds in running our Oswestry WiRE network in Shropshire http://www.wireuk.org/networks/network.aspx?id=81


Inside Wire

This week 3 members of the WiRE Team attended the Prowess conference. We were shortlisted with one other organisation for a 'Flagship of Flagships' Award.  It became apparent that it was very high profile and highly sought after.Our presentation went well despite the venues A/V equipment letting us down, and by the time the awards were being presented we were in a state of high anxiety.


Sadly we didn't win, the judges stressed how close it had been since we were very different organisations (they: south, urban depravation, physical centre, entirely public funded, little sustainability, high level full programme, us: rural, national, sustainable, creative, little money lots of activity).

The Conference was also an opportunity to present WiRE to “movers and shakers” in Women's Enterprise and it was clear that WiRE is regarded very highly in all the right places. We had breakfast with the head of Women's Enterprise at BERR; he remains a staunch supporter of WiRE but it was clear that we need to talk more about the “rural” element of our business. Much is made of under-representation but it seems that rural is not included in this, people seem to discount it as privileged, comfortable and not terribly needy and we all know this is not the case!

The whole process was a great boost and made us realise just how great WiRE is and will shape our next action plan!


WiRE have started to Twitter!

Twitter is a free online chat/msn for businesses where we will post key news, events and information for all our 'followers' to see. We will still have this information on our website and newsletters, it is just an alternative way to keep in touch.  To enter the wonderful world of Twitter and follow WiRE and member's Twitters you need to register at www.twitter.com

When you have set up a Twitter account, search for friends WiREUK (not just WiRE) and you'll find us easily, start following us and start Tweeting. WiRE  are also on Facebook and Linked In - looking forward to hearing from you (virtually!)

  Wire Portfolio

23rd April,  Harper Adams University College, Newport Shropshire

Places are limited to a maximum of 200 this year (due to building work being done on campus) so please encourage members to book early to avoid disappointment! By the time this newsletter reaches you booking should be available online on the WiRE website.  You can also keep up to date with how the conference is shaping up as we confirm speakers!
Network Leaders can attend for FREE just contact Julie@wireuk.org and let us know your 2 workshop choices.

Julia Stanley

Julia Stanley  -

  Wire New Network Guide

Unfortunately HSBC have withdrawn from sponsoring WiRE- although it did not come as a surprise in the current climate.  But the good news is they are still offering WiRE members a preferential card processing package.

We are looking at working with other banks and have already had some promising meetings. As far as inviting banks to network meetings as speakers, we don't have a particular loyalty to any bank at present so please feel free to invite any helpful bank representatives to your meetings, that you think members would benefit from hearing.  In the meantime, we will keep you posted of developments.

 WiRE have a Plan!

We have just discovered Google 'Alerts' and have an alert for 'WiRE Network' so if this phrase is mention on the web Google sends us an email. It's fab! (and free) (You may wish to set one up using your name or business name or even WiRE network) Here are 2 that I have received recently where Newspapers have published WiRE network press releases on their websites (it will also check blogs too):

Women entrepreneurs mean business - Huddersfield & Calderdale WiRE Networks http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/local-west-yorkshire-news/2009/02/05/women-entrepreneurs-mean-business-as-textile-centre-hosts-wire-networking-event-86081-22857827/

WiRE help promote International Women’s Day - Worcester & Bromsgrove
WiRE Networks

Warwickshire WiRE network has also been in their local paper and members were interviewed on the local radio.

 WiRED Magazine

It's fantastic to see that you are leaving comments for each other on the network leaders forum.  The Network Leaders forum is on the admin site and can only be seen by Network Leaders and WiRE. It is a great way to ask advice and share tips and ideas with other WiRE Network Leaders.

Current topics being discussed are whether to hold meetings in the evening, how to find speakers, and how you wish people would be more considerate and turn up if they said they would!

To find the forum go to http://admin.wireuk.org and use your network login and password.

Click on 'Communicate' button
Click on 'Network Forum' button


Harper Adams University College
If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these issues further please do not hesitate to contact Julie Edwards on direct line 01952 815399 email: Julie@wireuk.org or call the main number on 01952815338. We love feedback!
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